Camera-Ready Instructions

Congratulations on having your paper accepted at CCGRID 2024, its co-located workshops, or ICFEC 2024! This page has common instructions for submitting your camera-ready paper for publication in the proceedings for any of these events.

For your accepted paper, one of the co-authors of the paper (authorized by the other co-authors) should follow the steps below to submit the final version (the camera-ready). The deadline for completing all these steps is March 4, 2024. We use the IEEE Conference Publication Services (CPS) to collect the camera-ready paper. Detailed instructions on using the CPS author submission site are given in the CPS Author Submission Tutorial document (PDF).

  1. Prepare your paper using the IEEE conference proceedings template. The page length limits are as follows:
    1. Full papers - 10 pages
    2. Shorts papers - 6 pages
    3. Scale Challenge - 6 pages
    4. Extra pages: Up to 2 for full papers and the Scale Challenge; None for shorts papers
  2. Use PDF eXpress for validation and/or conversion of your camera-ready files to PDF format.
  3. The authors should not include reproducibility badges in their camera-ready; this is done by the CPS editors.
  4. Upload your final (validated) camera-ready PDF file
    1. For CCGRID 2024
    2. For ICFEC 2024
  5. At least one author from each accepted paper must register for the conference at the full author rate by the author registration deadline (March 4, 2024).